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 Image-line Morphine 1.2.5

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Edad : 29
Localización : LA,USA...pero nica de cora...xD
Fecha de inscripción : 21/07/2008

MensajeTema: Image-line Morphine 1.2.5   Miér 23 Jul 2008, 12:00 am

Image-line Morphine 1.2.5 PC TSRH

Morphine is an Additive
Synthesizer with quite a few 'twists'. Additive synthesis creates sound
entirely from sine wave harmonics and at first this may seem like a
major limitation. However, Fourier Theory teaches us that any waveform
can be decomposed into aninfinite series of sine-waves, a harmonic
series. That means Morphine can still create all your Subtractive
Synthesis favorites: Square,
Saw and Sine waves. It gets better,
Morphine can also reproduce the complexity found in real sounds by
smoothly interpolating a series of these harmonic 'snapshots', in
real-time, to generate what is best described as 'synthetic samples'.
In this way, programming Morphine
will feel familiar to anyone who has used a Sampler, with the ability
to assign sounds across the keyboard and to create crossfades, stacks
or blends of any sound/s as desired; welcome to Morphine!

rapidshare.com Morphine.1.2.5.rar

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Image-line Morphine 1.2.5
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